Black and White Images.

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BW01 Fishing boat in front of Mount Edgecumbe during spring storm BW02 Near sunset looking out from Herring Cove BW03 Wooden ships - interior of old wooden fishing boat BW04 Storm at John Brown's Beach
BW05 An old window. Weathered wood detail, old shack on waterfront BW06 Mount Bassie Complex from Katlian Bay, typical low clouds, early summer. BW07 Mussel Bed
BW08 Water drops BW09 Moss, wood grain and water drops
BW10 Porpoise at Nakwasina bay with Mount Anahootz in background BW11 Snow Geese crossing Bear Mountain BW12 Stargaven Creek after storm BW13 Island in the snow - a small island that helps forms Herring Cove, isolated in a heavy snow. BW14 Approach of yet another winter storm - the other side of these mountains face the ocean and winds from the south blow snow banners off the summits BW15 Stagaven Estuary in snowstorm BW16 Fog and trees, November morning, Hayward Strait BW17 Fog and trees, November morning, Hayward Strait BW18 Fog and trees, November morning, Hayward Strait BW19 Ice over rock BW20 Ice rings - frozen surface of muskeg BW21 Ice crystals over stream, Beaver Lake trail