Sometimes the world doesn't fit into a neat rectangle. The problem is that the computer monitor and a web page IS a neat rectangle.

These images are wide screen panoramas, taken by stitching 5 to 25 images together in Photoshop. Unfortunately, to view these we have to resort to special tricks to show the images. The special trick is Adobe Flash, a program that lets one view many things that the original designers of web pages hadn't even thought of.

You likely have Flash installed on your computer. If you don't, the browser will complain about it and you can just download it should you desire. The images will pan automatically but you can use the your mouse or trackpad to move about in the picture. Move the mouse to the left and right to see the whole image. They're large images and depending on the speed of your Internet connection, it can take several minutes to load. Use your Browser's BACK button to get to this page.

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High Mountain Lake from Float Plane.

Early Winter.

Beaver Lake High Muskeg Go to Panorama of muskeg in fall High muskeg on the Beaver Lake Trail

Bever Lake muskeg in the winter Beaver Lake Muskeg in the Winter Same place, different season.

Baranoff Island, near Sitka, from the water - a rare sunny day.

Blue Lake Reservior Blue Lake Reservior after snowfall

Gavin Hill and muskeg, winter dawn. Gavin Hill and muskeg, winter dawn.

Harbor Mountain Trail in the summer.

Harbor Mountain Sunset Harbor Mountain Sunset.

On the Harbor Mountain trail.

Looking NE on Harbor Mountain trail ridge.

Hayward Strait reflections.

Hiking toward Mount Edgecumbe.

Hiking back towards Sitka Sound.

Summer day at Pioneer Park.

Medivije Fish Hatchery.

Winter Muskeg Scene.

Naquasina Bay.