Fauna - Things with Wings, Fur, Flippers or Fins.

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FA_01 Grizzly Bears are Alaska's trademark animals.  One of thier attractions is obviously size and strength, another is their indifference to humans.  Bear Cubs at Port Armstrong fish hatchery.  Male on left, female on right.  Age about 2 years, may be twins. FA_02 Fresh bear print in springtime mud next to skunk cabbage - Beaver Lake Trail FA_03 Sow and cub near the Medivije hatchery. FA_04 The third cub wanders on to the scene. FA_05 It takes a lot of grass to feed a female grizzly. FA_06 Salmon Fishing - Juvenile Brown Bear Male fishing near the Medevije Hatchery ladder. FA_07 Brown bear cub looking rather annoyed at photographer. One of the few times I have seen a bear actually take notice of me. FA_08 Female Brown Bear cub in Stargaven Estuary FA_09 In the afternoon sunlight, she appears almost a cinammon color. FA_10 Great Blue Heron FA_11 Seagull getting splashed by wave FA_12 Female Merganser takes her chicks for a quick swim. FA_13 Great Blue Heron fishing FA_14 Immature Bald Eagle and Great Blue Heron, the latter obviously annoyed at the former. FA_15 Mergansers in a row. FA_16 Yoo Hoo!  We're over here! Common Mergansers out of hunting season.
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