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Flora- Plant life and the "Tyranny of the Green".

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FLO_01 Looking at the sky - Second growth Sitka Spruce, Mount Verstovia Trail FLO_02 , Totem Park FLO_03 Birch trees and trail FLO_04 Summer afternoon on Harbor Mountain Trail FLO_05 Treeline on Harbor Mountain -  arctic subalpine area at early sunset FLO_06 Further along on the Harbor Mountain Trail, the path winds underneath the canopy of the twisted and stunted subalpine trees. FLO_07 Devil's Club (Oplopanax horridus) FLO_08 Devil's club in sun FLO_09 Water drop on spruce needles FLO_10 Old clear cut regions just South of Sitka.  During the 1960's and '70's, large areas of Sitka Spruce forest were logged for pulp.  Due to competition from managed forests in the lower 48 and the high cost of transportation in Alaska, logging has been a small, marginal industry in the past three decades. FLO_11 Wild grass on tidal flat FLO_16 Frozen muskeg - early winter frost FLO_17 Ice and Grass - Gavin trail muskeg FLO_18 Winter storm among the trees, Gavin trail muskeg FLO_19 Ice crystals and hail FLO_20 Ice crystals on Western Hemlock needles (Tsuga heterophylla)
FLO_21 Forest floor after hailstorm, mosses and plants with frost FLO_22 Winter on the boreal rain forest floor - ice crystal covered fungus FLO_23 Cup fungi with ice crystals FLO_24 Forest floor, early winter.  Mosses and leaves forming groundcover with a trace of frost FLO_25 Hail and ground cover, early winter.  Moss is Step Moss (Hylocomium splendens) FLO_26 Ice crystals on muskeg ground cover FLO_27 Winter trees just after strorm FLO_28 Ice crystal coated dandilion FLO_29 Spring dandilion FLO_30 Water droplets on fern FLO_31 Budding Shore Pine FLO_32 These conifers seed cones every three to four years. FLO_33 Huckleberry buds? with insects.  Nikon R1C1 macro flash. FLO_34 Trees in Fog