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Light_001 A Great Blue Heron studies the sunrise over Mount Edgecumbe, mid January Light_002 Cupola Peak Sunset Light_003 Moon over Three Sisters Light_004 Moon Rising Light_005 Medivije Lake, late afternoon, end of August Light_006 Baranoff Island skyline - from Harbor Mountain Trail Light_007 Looking out towards Olga Strait under low clouds - Harbor Mountain Trail Light_008 Summer afternoon on Harbor Mountain Trail - Sunset and Moon rise Light_009 Sunset on Harbor Mountain trail Light_010 Sunset from Harbor Mountain Trail, looking west towards Kruzoff Island Light_011 Rainbow in Silver Bay - Cuplola Peak (Cross Mountain) Light_012 Early Fall Aurora, looking towards Clarance Kramer Peak and Bear Mountain Light_013 Aurora over Silver Bay and Bear Mountain Light_014 Early Fall Aurora, looking towards Clarance Kramer Peak and Bear Mountain Light_015 Aurora over Silver Bay and Bear Mountain Light_016 Tidal Pool afternoon, Port Alexander Light_017 Near Darkness over Sitka Harbor Light_018 Late March near sunset, O'Connell Bridge Light_019 Sunrise with Moonset, Mount Edgecumbe again. Light_020 Sunset over Thomsen Harbor Light_021 Yet another Mount Edgecumbe sunset. Light_022 Later in the morning. Light_023 Afternoon clouds Light_024 Sunrise reflections, inlet stream to Redoubt Lake Light_025 The hues of water - inlet stream for Lake Redoubt Light_026 Sunset over three sisters from Nakwasina Bay Light_027 Gibbous moon rising at sunset Light_028 Olga Strait, heading towards Sitka Light_029 Wet Rocks at John Brown Beach
Light_030 Summer sunset, John Brown's Beach.  Dry weather and numerous forest fires in the interior of Alaska led to spectacular sunrises during 2004.                                


Light_031 Winter Storm over Bear Mountain, Christmas day Light_032 Pastel Sunrise. Sandy Cove, South of Sitka, around 0400
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