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Light_033 God rays, John Brown's Beach Light_034 Stormy sunset over ferry terminal - Mount Edgecumbe in the background. Only three more pictures of Mount Edgecumbe in this series. I promise. Light_035 Rainbow in Silver Bay - Cuplola Peak (Cross Mountain) Light_036 Early morning rainbow over Port Alexander harbor Light_037 They take Paradise and put up a Parking Lot. Light_038 Cupola Peak after early winter storm. Light_039 Beaver Lake and Clarence Kramer Peak Light_040 Full moon setting at dawn - whales surfacing Light_041 Reflecting water near Greentop Cabin Light_042 From a rock near old cabins, near Greentop cabin Light_043 Mallard ducks near outflow to Stargaven esturary Light_044 Sunset from Charcoal Island Light_045 Sandy Cove sunrise Light_046 Christmas Morning 2004 Sunrise over Mount Edgcumbe