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Water- A specialty of the House.
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Goddard_01 The old Goddard Hot Springs.  The new springs look like hot tubs and are not very interesting.  The bathtub is a nice touch. Water_01 Breaking Waves Water_02 On the beach - waves hitting basalt beach, churning up rocks and debris during first fall storm at John Brown's Beach
Water_03 Sea Foam
Water_04 Breaking waves on beach Water_05 Storm waves pounding barrier islands Water_06 Waves on rocks Water_07 Slow shutter speed waves Water_08 A small stream, Beaver Lake back trail Water_09 Water over logs Water_10 Birch covered trail, Nelson Logging Road, after heavy rains Water_11 Muskeg Ice Water_12 Spruce needles peaking out from blanket of snow Water_13 Ice crystals on pine needles Water_14 Hoarfrost Water_15 Herring eggs on sea grass Water_16 Herring eggs on sea grass and kelp along shoreline Water_17 Sunset Waterline Water_18 Sunset over Mount Edgecumbe troller heading out for night time King Salmon fishing Water_19 Saliboat, island and eagle Water_20 Slot canyon Water_21 Mossy stream Water_22 Water_23 Ice and Water, Indian River Water_24 Indian River in Winter Water_25 Ice on Log

Not sharpened Water_26 Coast Guard Cutter Naushon in Sitka Sound Water_27 Forest reflections, Beaver Lake Water_28 Olga Strait, Looking toward Harbor Mountain from vessel St. Micheal
Water_29 Water drops and surface tension. Image created by stacking 3 seperate exposures with different focal points through Helicon Focus.