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Weather_01 Winter Rainbow. Unsurprisingly,most of these pictures will feature precipitation of one form or another. Weather_02 Low clouds and recent snow, Green Lake Road
Weather_03 Near Hurricane force winds, mid December, John Brown's Beach
Weather_04 Harbor Mountain trail in the mist (a few squirrels, but no gorillas). Weather_05 Lake Medivije in a summer rain storm. Weather_06 Icicles on rocks, Blue Lake Road. Weather_07 More Icicles. Weather_08 Hoarfrost on the Cross Trail. Weather_09 More Hoarfrost. Weather_10 Coincentric bands of ice on muskeg pond, Cross Trail. Weather_11 Low clouds on the Mount Verstovia Trail. Weather_12 Fog in Hayward Strait Weather_13 Low lying marine fog coming into Hayward Strait at the Northern end of Sitka Sound. Weather_14 Coming closer. Weather_15 Near sunset on a stormy, winter day.  The cloud layer was just light enough to let the yellowish organges of sunset play through. Weather_16 More low clouds on the Mount Verstovia Trail. Weather_17 Clearance Kramer Peak on on a beautiful early Spring day. Weather_18 Bear Mountain Complex after a winter storm. Weather_19 Muskeg and forest edge after snowstorm. Weather_20 Almost mature bald eagles trying to get part of a deer carcass. (So much for the bold, wild hunter). Weather_21 The best of intentions.  Bicycle rider in snowstorm (note the extratuffs) Weather_22 Iced gear. Weather_23 Iced over Bering Sea tenders.  Ships coming to Sitka for the annual Sac Roe Herring season from Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  The journey encompasses over 1000 miles of heavy winter weather through the Gulf of Alaska.  The boats encountered freezing conditions in the last 100 miles of the trip. Weather_24 Muskeg ground cover coming out of snow Weather_25 Hoarfrost over shore pine. Weather_26 Sunrise over winter muskeg Weather_27 Incoming storm, Eastern Channel. Weather_28 Winter storm. Weather_29 Frost and Ice - muskeg grass in winter Weather_30 Damage from record rainfalls - old city shop building destroyed by landslide Weather_32 Looking across Sitka Sound at a cumulonimbus cloud over Mount Edgecumbe and Kruzof Island Weather_33 Storm at John Brown's Beach
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